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Cleanroom Clothes
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    Under Wear

      [/additional] KM underwear designed to be used from class 1 to class 1000 offersan efficient particle control and comfortable fit from using high-techfunctional fabric.Using Ko-Silveron on the existing tricoat...

    Neo Under Wear

    KM Neon under wear is manufactured to apply functional knittingtechnology that maximizes the absorption force and drying capacity.It is outstanding solution of displeasure and comfortableness(wet sensation, breathable, flexibility and good...

    Jacket & Pants (Class 1000)

      [/additional] KM Jacket & Pants are cleanroom apparel for class 1000. Comparingtypical cleanroom coverall, this type of apparel has more opening forcomfort and working efficiency. KM Jacket & Pants...
    Cleanroom Ultra-light PM Gown (Class 100)

    Cleanroom Ultra-light PM Gown (Class 100)

    KM Cleanroom Ultra-light PM Gown is an open-back type gown which is applicable for clean rooms that require ISO Class 100 specifications: 【Maximize Opening of Back】 【Durable Zip-lock Cover Front】...

    Reusable Cleanroom Coverall (Smock)

      [/additional] KM Coverall is designed for the protective apparel for class 10~1000cleanroom applications. By minimizing the opening of garment design, KMCoverall decreases the possibility of particle generation. In class...
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