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Virgin PE Gloves, Elbow Length

Items: Small (120um)
Product Variants: Bag of 100 pcs
Sale price$88.00


Virgin PE Clean Glove is designed to solve the contamination level in the high purity polysilicon packaging process. Virgin PE Clean Glove is strictly controlled against Antioxidants, Ion, Metal Impurity, etc. 

- 100% LDPE Virgin Resin

- Thicknesses: 80μm/3.1mil; 120μm/4.7mil

- Sizes: Small; Medium; Large

- Manufactured and packaged in class 10 ~ 100 cleanroom

- Strict quality control by ISO 9001:2008

Technical Data

Property Unit Value
Material - LDPE
Antioxidents ppm <5
Slipagents ppm <10
Ion ppm <10
Matal Impurity ppm <10
LPC(≥0.5μm) ea/ml <10
Static Volts <500


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