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    Byerus Sanitizer Spray (Alcohol Free, Non-Toxic)

    Byerus Sanitizer Spray (Alcohol Free, Non-Toxic)

    Byerus sanitizer is designed for general items and can even be used to process noncritical medical devices and equipment surfaces. The alcohol-free, non-toxic formula kills 99.9% of common household germs in 30 seconds.  The safe ingredient, Hypochlorous Acid...
    Anti-fog Face Shield with Glasses

    Anti-fog Face Shield with Glasses

    This professional face shield is designed for both daily use and medical examination and treatment. It effectively blocks spatter of liquid, blood or broken splash. The wide and comfortable nasal...

    KM Anti-fog Eye Defender

    Purpose Personal protective equipment devices for protection of eye from splashes, sprays and spatter of body fluids.Features- Clear visor treated with anti-fog for maximum visibility- Can be detached and attach...
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