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Roll Wipers

Size: 250mmx50m
Description: Cleaning media
Packing unit: Case of 1 roll
Sale price$275.00



KM Roll Wipers are designed for auto-cleaning media for the automatic cleaning process in the controlled environment. KM Roll Wipers incorporate rolled clean wiper, made by polyester or Micro-denier or non-woven fabric. Its base material is identical with that of KM sheet type cleanroom wipers and the same procedures of processing & laundering procedure. KM Non-woven Roll is customized for the screen printer of the PCB industry.

● Processed & packaged in ISO 9001:2008 certified Cleanroom

● Sealed edges prevent particle generation - Micro-denier & Polyester roll

● Unparalleled draping & wiping ability

● Applications: Cleaning media for auto cleaning in the controlled environment

* Roll wipers are customer-made / Contact us(Click it)

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