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Reusable Cleanroom Coverall (Smock)

Items: XS~18XL
Product Variants: Piece
Sale price$58.00




KM Coverall is designed for the protective apparel for class 10~1000
cleanroom applications. By minimizing the opening of garment design, KM
Coverall decreases the possibility of particle generation. In class 10
cleanroom, it is recommended to apply high-density 100% polyester
fabric with carbon yarn in a grid pattern, along with hood and booties.
Optional double arm sleeve, side zip-lock, logo printing by sublimation.
● Minimize opening of apparel
● Double layers applied from waist to upper thigh
● Elastic band closures on wrist and ankle side
● Zip-lock cover sleeve and Velcro tape fastening
● Optional badge or pen holder and logo printing by sublimation is available
● Applications: Apparel for class 10~1000 cleanroom
● Excellent particle filtration efficiency: up to 25~30% at 0.3μm

● 230mm wide mask for extended protection

● Applications: Disposable face mask for cleanroom operations

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