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Cleanroom Ultra-light PM Gown

Size: Small
Description: Orange
Packing unit: EA
Sale price$64.00


KM Cleanroom Ultra-light PM Gown is an open-back type gown which is applicable for clean rooms that require ISO Class 100 specifications:

【Maximize Opening of Back】

【Durable Zip-lock Cover Front】

【Elastic Band Closures on Wrist】

【Arm-length Adjustable Buttons】

The new Nanomax fabric helps KM Garment products gain four major competitive advantages, lighter weight, higher filtration efficiency, less transparent, and advanced durability, comparing to competitors' products:

【Light Weight】Reduce fatigue with light weight fabric which is 47% lighter than before

【High Filtration Efficiency】Increase filtration efficiency by over 50% through special structural design and outstanding finish technology

【Less Transparency】Improve opacity (personal privacy) by using special threads and structural design 

【Advanced Durability】Increase tensile strength from 1,120 kgf/cm2 to 1,470 kgf/cm2 which is 30% stronger than before


By applying functional PU resin, this gown has excellent feelings of wearing and comfortableness because of high air permeability and water vapor permeability. 


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