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Presaturated Eco Wipers (Class 1); Dry wipes/Solvent customized

Size: 9"x 9"
Description: Polyester Heat sealed edge/IPA
Packing unit: Case of 100 pcs (25 pcs / 4 bags)
Sale price$100.00



Problems of wipers generating non-volatile residue(NVR) from the textile material and other contaminants when wetted by the chemicals (Acetone, NMP, PGMEA and etc) for a long period of time have been improved. Particles minimized on wiper edges. Wipers are designed to be used in Class 1~10. Particle, NVR, and extractable Ions are under strict management.
● Laundered and Packaged in the Cleanroom (Certified ISO 9001:2008)
● Guaranteed quality from manufacturing to shipping
● Excellent absorption capacity and rate
● Packed in 3 Layer bags for superior chemical resistance
● Contains 3 zippers to prevent from Leaking
● Convenient sealing with Slider Zipper
● Can be used with all kinds of wipers
● Can be used with a variety of Chemicals
● Fused edges to minimize lint and particle generation
● Easy-to-use
● Cost reduction in the amount used of Chemical
● Improved manufacturing environment
● Decreased chemical waste
● Guaranteed quality by introducing U/F System
● Enhanced safety by using Filling bags

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