PVA Block Wipers

Size: 130mm x 80mm
Description: Block Type, 30mm Thick
Packing unit: Case of 50 pcs (1 pcs/50 bags)
Sale price$100.00


KM PVA Wipers are developed especially for wet cleaning applications in the controlled environment. Comparing to conventional polyester or non-woven wipers, PVA offers better absorbent power and wiping ability. Ideal for water spill control or liquid-based cleaning, KM PVA Wipers absorb and hold water or liquid 12~18 times higher than its own weight.

● Complete opened cell structure

● High absorbent power and good wiping ability

● Reusable & launderable

● Soft & flexible

● Good chemical resistance

● Applications: Wiping & spill control from general industries to cleanroom operations


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