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Sticky Mats Frame

Items: KMWM-2436B304 (Standard) 24"x30" (Green)
Product Variants: Case of 1 Frame
Sale price$65.00






KM Sticky Mats made of polyethylene film with adhesive are used for removing foot borne particulates before entering the cleanroom. Advanced chemical formulated adhesives hold the particulates on the sheet that protect additional contamination from the shoe sole as much as possible. When the exposed layer is completely used, simply peel it off to expose a clean layer.

● Provides variety of sizes, colors and styles

● Mirco PE film prevents an accident by cart or human

● Numbered corner tab for easy identification

● No adhesive residue on shoe's sole

● Sanitized adhesive film available for Medical environmental.

● Applications: Cleanrooms, Labs, Medical environmental, Any other dust free environment.

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