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Disposable 2-Ply Ear loop Cleanroom Face Mask

Items: KMFW-180SM (180x90mm, 2layers/ear-loop band)
Product Variants: Pack of 50 pcs
Sale price$20.00




KM 2 Layer Face Mask made of the finest quality melt-blown non-woven filter has filtration efficiency of over 90% filtration at 0.1 particles. KM Face Mask is a disposable mask that can be used in cleanroom such as the semiconductor and precision electronics industries.
- Melt-blown system, P.P. Filter efficiency at 0.1
- Clean mask processed in class 100 cleanroom
- Minimize particles at the junction by bonding the Latest ultrasonic
- Adherence effect of facial flexion area with nose clamp
- Wooly Band Type : No allergic reaction. Soft and comfortable


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