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Disposable 3-Ply Ear-loop Cleanroom Mask

Product Variants: Case of 30 packs (1500 pcs)
Sale price$420.00





KM Face Mask is specially developed for cleanroom manufacturing applications. 3 layer non-woven fabric provides maximum barrier against particulate from skin and nose. Each layer of mask is designed for functional needs, as softness, filtration efficiency, and breath ability. The 100% melt-blown polypropylene as a filtration media provides 90% efficiency of 0.1 micron at 2.55mm/Ag. Each edge of mask is ultrasonic sealed, which offers cleanliness and durability. Comfortable, high efficiency KM Face mask features various sizes, with ear-loop band, head-band or tie-back type.

● Effective 3-layer construction

● 90% filtration efficiency of 0.1 micron

● Comfortable elastic band with less ear fatigue

● Particle free ultrasonic sealing on the edges

● 230mm wide mask for extended protection

● Applications: Disposable face mask for cleanroom operations

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