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ESD Polyester Gloves

Size: Small
Description: ESD Polyester gloves
Packing unit: Case of 300 pcs
Sale price$222.00


KM ESD Polyester Gloves are made of 100% polyester, continuous less-linting filament knitted with carbon fiber. This glove,as an ideal barrier from harmful contaminants, will dissipate an electro-static discharge within a second. KM ESD Glove is commonly used as an inner glove together with PVC or Latex. It also can be an outer glove in the class 1000 cleanroom environment.

● Less lint continuous polyester filament with carbon lines

● Surface resistivity : 106 -109 Ω/ m2

● Less than 0.1 sec decay time

● Delicate round-tip finishing

● Applications: Electronics, Assembly at Semiconductors, LCD and HDD manufacturing


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