Size: 1370mm x 30m
Description: Antistatic PVC Sheet
Packing unit: EA
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Antistatic PVC Sheet

Antistatic PVC sheet is made of soft vinyl chloride film, which has anti-static property. Through it, Antistatic PVC sheet provides not only uninflammability but also high degree of transparency.

  • Surface resistivity: Inside 10^10~10^11Ω/m2 (JIS K-6911)
  • Excellent draping ability and processing ability
  • Applications: Barrier wall, curtain or cover for ESD sensitive area


Conductive Sheet

KM Conductive PVC Sheet can be utilized as a barrier wall or protective curtain material in the ESD sensitive environment. Made of anti-static PVC sheet, continuous honeycomb black carbon lines are printed on one side of PVC sheet. 0.5mm thickness PVC sheet has good draping ability so that it can be used as protective cover or instruments where electro-static should be controlled.

  • 0.3mm ~ 0.5mm thickness PVC sheet with excellent draping ability 
  • Surface resistivity: Inside 10^4 ~10^6 Ω/m2 , Outside <1010~1011Ω/m2 
  • Max 1.2m width of sheet
  • Applications: Barrier wall, curtain or cover for ESD sensitive area


Antistatic PVC Sheet UV

Antistatic PVC Sheet UV maintains equivalent antistatic property of Antistatic PVC sheet and also restrains UV transmission. Refreshing environments are remained by protecting UV.

  • Surface resistivity: 10^10~10^11Ω/m2 (JIS K-6911) 
  • UV protecting rate: 98%


Conductive PVC Sheet BK

Conductive PVC Sheet BK is made of soft vinyl chloride film with carbon and used as a blackout curtain for a darkroom inside the cleanroom.

  • Surface resistivity: inside 10^4 ~10^6 Ω/m2, outside 1010~1011Ω/m2
  • Transmission rate of electric light: 0.0%


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