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KM ESD Clean Slippers/Sandals

Description: Open-Back (Slipper)
Size: 250mm
Sale price$29.00


KM Slippers are made of static dissipative PU sole for ESD control in the microelectronics industry. By static dissipative PU material, KM Slipper is more durable and less abrasive than those that are made of PVC. KM's patented ergonomic insole design makes the wearer feels less fatigue with a firm grip on feet.

● Static dissipative PU sole

● Durable and abrasive resistant structure

● Constant resistivity level to 10^7 ~10^9 Ω/ m2

● Ergonomic insole design and lightweight construction

● Sanitized material restrict fungus or microbial propagation

● Applications: Footwear for ESD sensitive industrial applications

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