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ESD Anti-Static Mats and Rolls

Size: 10m/20m
Description: ESD Table Mats
Packing unit: EA
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KM ESD Table Mat is constructed of colored static-dissipative rubber layer and conductive black rubber layer. In the ESD sensitive environment, KM ESD Table Mat drains electric discharge of 20KV to a harmless level in a second. Lightly textured and low reflective finishing on top layer offers better working conditions. Anti-skid, conductive bottom layer is ground static build-up from various sources.

  •  Retain electric potential difference to 0V
  • Oil, grease, and most common solvent resistance
  • No peeling, chipping and curling
  • Lightly textured & low reflective top layer
  • Colors: Green/Black, Grey/Black(Glossy or Non-glossy is available)
  • Applications: Floor or tabletop mat for ESD


ESD Table Mats

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ESD Anti-Static Rolls

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