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ESD Grounding Heel Strap

Size: Free
Description: Stainless Steel
Packing unit: EA
Sale price$5.50


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ESD Heel Strap

Features: Proven technology for virtual elimination of ESD Soft conductive tab with silver mono filament Tab is sewn in for permanent connection Best available value with Richmond engineered quality

Benefits: Works with any style of footwear Easy on and off action without changing adjustment Resizes in seconds with Velcro strap and “D” ring Keeps wearer ESD-safe on conductive mat or tile Heel Grounder adjusts quickly to any size shoe or boot. When used with ESD flooring systems, it provides continuous reliable grounding in total comfort to wearer. The reinforced rubber conductive surface dissipates charge to the floor before static can build up to dangerous levels. Exceptionally comfortable, soft knitted tab with silver mono filaments provides positive contact to the wearer and comes standard with 1 megohm resistor, Spandex rear strap holds grounder in place snugly.


100 ohms typical

Snap release

1 to 5 pounds

Flex life

>50,000 flexes

:1 mega ohms

1 mega ohms

Back plate

stainless steel


6, 8, 10, 12 feet extended


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