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Cleanroom Sticky Note

Size: 2"x 3"
Description: Cleanroom paper product
Packing unit: Pack of 10
Sale price$30.00






KM Clean Paper Product is specially designed for writing, printing and photo-copying in the cleanroom environment. Through polymerization process, fiber, lint and particulates are tightly bound into the sheet, and decrease electro-static buildup, which will eventually minimize scrap rate of copier. KM Clean Paper Product provides a variety of color and size such as notebook, printer form, memo pad, chart paper etc.

● Significantly reduced particle counts

● Enhanced ink reception for clear printing

● Decrease scrap rate of copier or printer

● Provide any kind of style, size and color

● Lined type notebook : Minimize particle from holes

● Spiral type notebook : Polypropylene hard cover

● Clean-it : easily stick to any surfaces and leaves no adhesive residue after removal

● Chart Paper: Measuring chart paper for strip chart, thermal array and oscillographic recorders(Specially used Yokogawa recorder)

● Applications: Writing or printing media in the cleanroom

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