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Moisture Barrier Bag

Items: KMMB-510560 (20"x22", 5layers( Antistatic coating+PET/Nylon +Aluminum+LDPE+Antistatic coating)
Product Variants: Case of 100
Sale price$132.00


 KM Moisture Barrier Bag protects moisture infiltration inside the package.
It is composed of five-layer, Anti-static Coating + PET/Nylon layer +
Aluminum + LDPE + Anti-static Coating.
Static build-up is minimized and dissipative within a second.
KM Moisture Barrier Bags not only protect humid infiltration inside the
package but protect the electricity.
● Available thickness: 0.08mm ~ 0.15mm
● Surface resistivity: 107
● Decay time: Less than 0.02sec on 5KV
● Applications: Package for ICs, PCBs and electronic parts

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