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Neo Safety Shoes & Boots(220~320mm)

Size: 220mm~320mm
Description: Neo Boots Type, Plastic toe, Single sole, Short
Packing unit: Pair
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 KM Neo Safety Shoes & Safety Boots are designed for the semiconductor and cleanroom area. These have ergonomic design that is applied to high-intensity steel at the front of shoes and boots. For the protection from sharp materials and shock, Neo Safety Shoes & Boots are applying the bulletproof sole & Airbag. KM Neo Safety Shoes & Safety Boots provide a comfortable fit with a highly optimized outsole banding groove. Using ESD fabric and ESD EVA Sponge in an insole, it decreases generating statics.

● Preventing from sharp materials by the bulletproof insole

● Obtain the Safety certification

● Differentiated airbag by size. (Area of airbag: Min 20.075 ~ Max 32.840 cm3 )

● Improve the degree of hardness of Airbag for preventing shocks

● Improve the wearing sensation by the types

● Safety improvement by using the high-intensity steel at the front of shoes and boots ● Using the ESD fabric and ESD EVA sponge in an insole to decrease the statics

● High conductibility by applying the Insole Carbon fabric

● Semi-permanent electrification effect.

● Constant surface resistance despite sweat and moisture.

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