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Nonwoven Wipers (Smooth Type); 2209

Size: 12" x 12"
Packing unit: Case of 1000 pcs (100 pcs/10 bags)
Sale price$105.80



KM non-woven wiper is made of Polyester (45%) and Cellulose (%55). With "Spunlace" technology, cellulose and polyester are entangled by high pressure water jet into a sheet structure. This process makes wipers strong on either wet or dry condition, and friendly to aqueous wiping application, attracting much water in the wiper.

  • High absorption power with no residue on wiping surface
  • Cleanroom packaging guarantees cleanliness
  • Minimize toxic gas when incineration
  • Applications: Wiping and spill control for industrial applications including cleanroom


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