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Dyneema Glove

Size: Small
Description: Palm coating
Packing unit: Case of 3000 pcs (10 pcs/ 30 bags)
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 KM Dyneema Gloves are made of urethane coated special fabric, called Dyneema. Unlike general fabrics such as polyester or nylon, Dyneema has exceptional tensile strength, UV protection and chemical resistance. With these characteristics, Dyneema Gloves are the best solution for protective working gloves at rigorous applications or heavy-duty jobs.

● Dyneema material with uuperior breaking strength, cut and impact resistant fabric
● Urethane coating prevent contaminants and anti-skid property
● Highly stable to various acidic and alkaline solution
● Extremely light weight fabric
● PU coated protection treatment
● Cut level 3, 5 under EN388
● Good elasticity and comfortable to wear
● Applications: Heavy industries including Machinery, Shipbuilding, Aerospace, etc.
*** Customer color option is available.

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