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Definition & Usage

A pellicle is a thin, transparent membrane that covers a photomask during the production flow. The pellicle is a dust cover, as it prevents particles and contaminates from falling on the mask. It also must be transparent enough to allow light to transmit from the lithography scanner to the mask.


Purpose and Use

  • To improve the yield rate of IC chips
  • To protect the photomasks from contamination
  • To isolate sources of contamination
  • To extend the cleaning period of the photomask
  • To extend the lifetime of the photomask






Semiconductor Pellicles

  • EUV Pellicle - Under Development
  • ArF Immersion (193nm) Transmittance at Wavelength
  • ArF (193nm) Transmittance at Wavelength
  • KrF (248 nm) Transmittance at Wavelength
  • G&I (365 & 436nm) Transmittance at Wavelength


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