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Polyester Ultra Sealed Edge Wipers(Class10)

Size: 9" x 9"
Package: 150 pcs/pk x 8pk
Sale price$286.00


Technical Data Sheet of KM-4000D

KM-4000D is a ultra clean wiper with sealed & fused border designed for class 10 cleanroom applications. Minimizing particle or lint generation caused by edge damage in actual use, KM-4000D provides a 4-side fused border for better protection on wiper edge. This kind of wipers are recommended for rigorous wiping applications, but cleanliness should be maintained.

  • Class 10 compatible clean wipers
  • Fused border to protect edges at tough wiping operation
  • Thermally sealed edges prevent particle or lint generation
  • Double bag packaging prevent cross contamination
  • Applications: Class 10 cleanroom for Semiconductor, LCD, HDD manufacturing


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