Polyethylene Tank Liner

Size: 50 Liter
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 E-100 Technical data of Polyethylene Film

- Main applications areas: Biotechnology applications, high oxygen barrier

- Film thickness: 0.325mm (12.8mil)

- Formulation characteristics : 

Multi layer structure with inert PE fluid contact layer,

low extractables / leachables.

No animal derived components.

- Pharmacopoeia compliancy and biocompatibility : 

ISO 10993-4 Hemolysis

ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity

ISO 10993-6 Implantation test

ISO 10993-10 Irritaion and Sensitization tests

ISO 10993-11 Acute Systemic Toxicity test

USP <85> Bacterial Endotoxins – LAL Test

USP <85> Biological reactivity testing, in vivo, class VI

USP <661> Plastic Containers European Pharmacopoeia tests, Ch, 3.1.5

Copies of the test reports are available upon request.

Gamma sterilization dose 25kGy except **50kGy

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