Safesys PPE Vending Machine

Type: 600SAF ( 60 Column 45"W x 33" D x 74" H)
Sale price$1.00


This is a safety supplies vending machine.  

Are you still using a keyed storeroom where employees have to find administrators to request or check out items?

Employees use a card, badge, or ID to complete the checkout. It reduces the time spent getting what they need and administration overhead.

Easy to use and easy to maintain, the Vendtek specialty vending systems are the perfect cost-effective alternative to traditional internal distribution. Find out how you can get a fantastic ROI and happier employees.

Start Saving Time, Money, and Resources.

Employees love quick access to the common items they need. It's fast and convenient. You'll realize an immediate reduction in staffing overhead. Use it for anything you need to distribute and track internally.

  • 24/7 controlled access
  • Works with employee cards- PROX card, bar code, mag stripe, key fob, and employee PIN
  • Eliminates waste, hoarding & theft
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces liability
  • Ensures product availability
  • 100% Employee Accountability

We make it simple:

  • You can have customized machines to vend what you want
  • We arrange for delivery and set up of the machines
  • We provide training on the inventory management machines to utilize full benefits / savings
  • We provide service and maintenance throughout the Continental United States and Hawaii
  • We provide shelving & product machine modifications as needed
  • We are the answer to all your specialty vending system needs

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