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Cleanroom Seamless Gloves (Polyester with PU coting) _ Eczema prevention

Size: Small
Description: Seamless gloves
Packing unit: Case of 100 pcs (10pcs/10 box)
Sale price$345.00


 KM Seamless Gloves are made of stretchable polyester with PU coating or stretchable span with PU coating on the fabric surface. Through up-to-date coating & sealing technologies (the vapor of sweat go through the fabric out) while trapping microparticles inside. With this breathable fabric, KM Seamless Gloves need no Liner Glove with great comfort and contamination barrier in the controlled environment.

● Breathable PU coated fabric

● No needle hole, no seam line

● Thin & stretchable fabric

● Prevent from skin disease & allergic reaction

● Applications: Class 10 Cleanroom for Semiconductor, LCD, BLU manufacturing

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